Entering into the world of "Influencer"

Entering into the world of "Influencer"

Fact is I have been able to relate to being a Daughter, Girlfriend, Wife, Sister, Cousin, Friend, Niece, Engineer, Photographer (as of recent), but Influencer? No.... not until now. I am still to learn what this really means. 

It all started ...

Two weeks ago I was contacted by Lucia. She found my work with introvertlybubbly.com on the interwebs and emailed me the opportunity for some seriously cool work.

One week ago I signed a note which outlined the terms and conditions of my engagement and payment etc.

Today I collected the device for a Samsung Note8 + Push Galaxy S8 campaign which I am part of. I together with 4 others from around the world are embarking on producing creative content.

To be honest I do not like the influencer market. I feel like it has a tendency to be forced, pretentious and staged. To me it lacks the sense of honesty and genuine, having said that I am still using this opportunity as a means to best, as honest as possible express my creatively. 

Would you come on along for the ride?

Client: Samsung

Product: Note8 + Push Galaxy S8 campaign

Campaign Contact: Lucia Neda

Influencers: Chan, of Introvertlybubbly.com com one of 5 influencers.

Key Words that describe their selected influencers: graphic, illustration, photographic, artistic, colourful, talented

Client Requested: A quotation and media kit from Introvertlybubbly.com

Deliverables: Use the following features on the phone camera landscapes / indoor photos / artistic / lighting & effects.

Delivery of visual work with as a minimum shall have one where I am featured using product, another with the product in the shot (product placement. The sky is the limit otherwise. Lemme tell you, I am on such a creative high.

Framework to guide content creation: A content skeleton developed in a collaborative effort between the Creative Team at Samsung and introvertlybubbly.com

I am entirely grateful for this opportunity and I share this not as a form of showing off but to share that these opportunities are indeed possible and available to locals. I think it interesting that I was contacted from all the way across the world and presented with this opportunity. My sole purpose in addition to expressing myself creatively is produce great work for Samsung and my clients and to share with locals and those that love my work this side of my creative endeavours as I continue into the realm of "Influencer Marketing". 

I look forward to working on many more opportunities like this...(whispers this our into the universe..)


I am open to more opportunities

With love from Freeport,