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May 21st 2016 


Dear Corinne please find all the moments captured at your reception here. The photos, high resolution and watermark free, would be view able by anyone with the link so that you can share them easily with your family and friends. Remember that they shall be made available for your viewing and downloading at this link for a week, be sure to download them to your own storage for access and archiving at a later date.

Love Chan and the IntrovertlyBubbly Team

P.S. if you would like to remove the password protection on this page so you can easily share the below album with your friends and family feel free to let us know. 

Your Album 

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You can bulk download or individually download your, high resolution and watermark free, images using the dropbox link above or individual, web ready, watermark free, images below. Simply hovering over each image, right clicking and clicking"save as..." to save. 




Just a couple shots to hold you and Adam over 

May 18th 2016


May 9th 2016


Ms. Corinne ClientAccessOnly

Email: ClientAccessOnly

Phone: 1 (868) ClientAccessOnly

The brief:
Candid Photography for extended family and friends as they gather in a casual reception. To celebrate the union of Corinne and Adam Bundy


Saturday, 14th May 2016, 6pm-8pm


Chase Village, Trinidad and Tobago

Quotation : ClientAccessOnly

Price is in TTD

This includes our time on location and any associated post processing.

Includes delivery via drop box of watermark free photographs.

Photos will be ready within a weak of the shoot date. 

You will receive an email notification with a link where you can view, share and download the photos.   

Your photos would be available to download and save via dropbox for a week. Afterwards, they will only be accessible via our archival records. So please be sure to download your pics within this period (contact us if you miss this window).

Payment : via bank transfer

Delivery of:

High resolution, Watermark Free images

Terms of use:

We have discussed, Creative Commons Zero which means client can copy, modify, distribute and use selected photo for free, including commercial purposes, without asking permission from or providing attribution to the photographer or IntrovertlyBubbly Creative.

Exclusive rights have not been discussed or granted for this Commission/ Project/ Collaboration/ Art Work


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