Accepting my first Regional Campaign with a Major Brand and 10 Things that went with that

These are the things I did consciously and unconsciously since first being approached and then accepting to actually work with a Major Brand on my first regional Campaign.

1. I did my homework. I asked all the questions I had and needed to ask.


I first tried to ascertain the credibility behind the hiring company. I wanted a face to face with someone human, and didn't just settle for Electronic Communication. I asked for a list of previous and similar work that client has engaged in before. You should to. I found out where and how did they discover me and my work. I found out why I was chosen to work with them. I found out what they wanted to achieve and evaluated if I could deliver.


2. I was open about my terms and conditions with respect to engaging  

I was clear upfront about the delivery time that I was willing to continue carrying out work regardless of the delays due to the client and other associated parties. I was clear up front that my agreement was with the hiring company and not it's clients or another party. I was clear up front that my creative work, time and skill (especially that work I'd create for persons and companies to advance commercial ventures) comes at a cost and I communicated my cost. I was clear to also communicate in these instances free merchandise was not accepted as payment.

Personally I also was very clear with what I wanted to gain regardless of how and where the project ended, or of others meeting their agreed part of any agreement we came to. In other words, for me being able to create in this way was my end game. Anything else that came with it was a bonus as far as I was concerned. I worked in such a way not to encur any costs that I had no control of recuperating. 


3.I created as I would anyway. I aimed to tell a story

4. I posted as I would post anyway

5. I focused on the work and not the compensation or result. Read here for how I focused on being compensation and rationalized same: The artist and her work.

6 I, actually, used the Product

7. I remembered my core values

8. When I speak about it I disclose openly 

9. I kept in touch, delivered as promised and followed up

10. I learned

That's all for now,