Photography Practice | Creative Process and Drivers

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Be Silly

All those things you want to try that you tell yourself are silly, stupid. Do them. All those things you do not think you are talented to do. Do them.

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I cook, for two, almost every weekday (except Mona's Roti day and on weekends, which I reserve for a little bit of anything.)  and it’s an exercise in creativity as much as it is me making something nourishing for us to enjoy.

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Nature Bathe in Solitude

I deliberately spend time in nature. Walk. Listen. Observe. Alone.








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Then walk away during the art process. Sleep on it. Return with fresh eyes.








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Visualize/ Imagine

Visualize what you want to create before even sitting, setting up to create it. Make it in your mind, play with your visuals. You can make no mistakes here.







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In the garden, you learn so much that I think builds creative muscles. The muscles required to be carefree, fearful and unattached to what you create, you can build them while caring for plants.

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Repetition, Revisit and Redo

Practice shooting the same subjects over and over again. In different light. During your different moods. At different angles and height. Shoot freely and with an open mind.

After time (weeks months or even years) revisit and redo shots you've done before. Do this without being restraint or constraint by previous work. Do it only keeping in mind what you learned during the time that passed since your last shooting.



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By this I mean play. Try things you see while consuming content. Talk about photography with photographers you admire. Try to implement something on your own after. Go gainst your grain. 








Carry Out Creative Work With and For Others


I am not yet good at asking others but I have been thankful and grateful for all those that have approached me and given me the opportunity to work with others.





Don't horde, but instead find the appropriate medium to share your work. Put out your work, this benefits you as constructive feedback and encouragement can shape your growth, allow you to hone your skills and positively impact others and your own life.

Sharing allows you to see council and mentorship.



And Lastly (for now) 11. 

Live curiously, follow your passions and curiosities deliberately, consciously, without abandon.