Why Have Coffee Date? We went to Noir Coffee Lab

It's no secret that I love coffee time. Some say I am addicted I probably am but I am not perfect. But what most do not know it is not so much the coffee that I am drawn to but the time with and around coffee. The possibility for slowness, enjoyment and and a shared experience with others and even at times solitude.

What's better that meeting up to experiment with coffee. Only a few things come to mind.

The thing I love about the friends I have met while blogging is that we no longer wait for formal invites to bloggers tables, tastings and events to head out to try what's new and form our own favourites by regularly meeting up for foodie dates. Today was no different we headed out to new boy on the block, Christian and his passionate coffee venture, "Noir Coffee Lab". We were here to try his coffee and also satisfy our inquisitive minds wrt to taste, process etc. As you know we're on our own local coffee journey.

This morning we had both pourover and syphon coffee.

I have introduced you to pver with the Chemex before so this time I get right to the syphon coffee maker... Ok lemme give you a minute to take it in and pick your bottom lip up. It is sexy and 100% as interesting as it looks. 

We never stop learning

A syphon brewer in layman terms is a vacuum coffee maker that brews coffee using two chambers where vapour pressure and a vacuum produce the coffee. Now this excited me. It's like high school chemistry class all over again beakers, pipets, flames and experiments. 

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

To the left is a really simple graphic of Syphon Coffee demonstrated The Portola Coffee Lab, Hairoglass.com, ocregister.com. 


What do you think?...


With love from a fully caffeinated Chan