Creative Lessons | Cinemagraph: Mastering the Art

Observing steam and having Choice Organic Teas and Ginger Tea has been my go-to these days. When doctor told me up on the exercise, down on the coffee I was like what you say there 'bout my coffee?  I've been since drinking caffine free teas, trying decaf options and, yup, more water. 

But the more I learn about the process of decaffeinating coffee,  I am realizing it seems heavily reliant on chemicals so I have not gone that way of having my coffee decaf, too too often.

I have also been in a bit of a creative block lately, some kinda sad, demotivated, uninspired feeling washed over me and I can't seem to shake it just yet. 

I have so many things I want to photograph and create that at times I find it overwhelming. Also so many things I want in life that I don't have... my mind knows better than to focus on this and see all the beauty that I am surrounded by but I am only human. On top of that, when I do create work that I feel remotely satisfied with I have this moment of pride and joy and then I am on to making it better in what ever way I can. I am really captivated by cinemagraphs lately.  I've been asked for a how to on I make my Cinemagraphs? Now get this, I am still learning and not sure entirely of what I am doing but here are the

things that work all the time... 

Having A steady/ level surface

I achieve this by using my tripod or a steady surface to rest my phone or camera on

USing An App to create the Cinemagraphs...

I recommend Flixel (if you have $200.00 USD to spend) or Mask Art

CAPTURING images where there is One distinct motion to focus on and isolate 

I love using steam, pouring liquids. I am exploring the use of people and leaves/ nature.

Now a month since my first cinemagraph, I stumbled over annstreetstudio, where I believe Jamie Beck blogs. Further reading leads me to this article where I learn that she, together with her husband, created the cinemagraph. 


I've been exploring both the worlds of Cinemagraphs and Decaf Coffee/ Caffeine Free Hot Drink alternatives lately

In time, the tradition-meets-tech melding of their minds produced a revelation: the Cinemagraph. Burg had been experimenting with isolating the motion of an animated GIF file; Beck, headed to New York Fashion Week, was looking for a way that her readers could “experience [the event through] more than just a photograph.” It took “about three days to get the first one to work, as far as shooting it correctly and editing it correctly,” Beck recalls. But she posted the first Cinemagraph — “Les Tendrils” — on February 13, 2011. “It’s two girls from a fashion presentation and one of them was playing with the tendrils of her dress.”