making image making more manageable for you!

I am good at making unique intentional photography that leaves meaningful and lasting impressions

 and I'd be happy to be your photo-making coach

I'm sure by now you know that it takes more than a point a shoot approach to photography to make a lasting impact. You can be the maker of your very own well-crafted visual story. 

Intentional Photography works to help you communicate visually with your target audience in a way that is true to your vision. For brands they work to help communicate visually with your target audience in a way that is true to your brand.

You gain from effective, memorable and unique photography that your audience will both connect with and you will learn from. 

I know taking photographs on your own and for your business may seem like a daunting task. 

But it's what I am good at.

I specialize in coming alongside businesses, working with entrepreneurs and organizations to create custom unique visual photographic content, both staged and candid material. My technique is one like a fly on the wall capturing moments that are unique and specific to the experience you're offering.

Does your visual content need some soul? Do you find yourself struggling to keep up with making images that connect? On your social media channels do you find yourself focused on re-posting the images you love from another account because it captures your moments perfectly? Most of all do you long to make better photographs?

Intentional Photography can help you to fix that!

I am offering a unique photography making services. That's 1-2 hours of photography critique and coaching on how you can improve.


How it works: 

After you sign up, I'll ask for a photograph you have taken and want improved.

I would also need to know what was used to make the photograph; e.g. smart phone, point and shoot, DSLR camera or other. 

I'll spend a half hour going over the piece and making notes on where it can be improved- looking at composition, lighting, mood etc.

I'll return the photo, with markups and notes, and we'll schedule a call to go over the notes. I schedule a half hour for that call.

If needed I can and will provide another review/ critique session over the phone.

This is a brand new service, but, just like my photo making service, I require a 50% nonrefundable deposit to secure your spot on my calendar.

Once I get your signed contract, deposit, and your photo. I will get to work.

What you'll get: 

A stronger photograph that meets your goals, and tips you can begin practicing right away when behind your camera. In no time you would be well on your way to making stronger, intentional photographs of your own.

Reach out via message to me, or @introvertlybubbly, and let's see what magic we can make with your visual content!