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IntrovertlyBubbly is Dedicated to my mother


It all started when...

I realized that I owe my strength and determination to my mother. I owe this fearlessness I have with solo travel to her. This confidence to go, is all from her. Through it I discovered lessons in the garden, found healing in my solitude and joy in photographing light. I was barely breathing, completely heart broken and hurting but guided by her. Through her I discovered my joie de vivre. Mummy you have assisted me in finding and have since encouraged me to keep my joie de vivre. Mummy you have encouraged me to be settled, grounded, purposeful, full of intently and mindful. This space has grown because of the encouragement and lessons taught to me over the years by my Mother and still she encourages and teaches me. 

Mummy you have taught me to pray, to trust in God, to write (to journal, write down what I want, what hurts, what I love. You have encouraged me to write. And so I write.). Mummy you've taught me to be strong, to be logical, to be analytical and to be fair. Mummy because you chose daddy as your rock and lead and by just being (his wife) you have and continue to show me by example. Observing you has taught me how to love. In observing I have learnt that he is your yang, your softness, your balance, your compassion, your care, your rock, life partner and companion. You (both) have shown me what to converse really means, you still to this day lay in bed on a morning, soak in the morning light as it appears and changes from its cools blues to warm yellow while you both just talk. You have shaped the meaning of intimate solitude for me. You have taught me how to stand up for myself and how to follow my dreams without waiting on that perfect day, that perfect someone and that has made my imperfect days perfect. You have taught me about being, how to #justgo and about the joie de vivre and to you I dedicate this .... my joie de vivre. 



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