Workshop Overview


I run tailored bespoke private workshops for persons (brand representatives included) who want to hone in on their visual storytelling dreams, work on their photography and make the dream, of communicating better through the imagery they create, a reality.

This is for the persons wanting to work with what they already have, those interested in discovering the beauty in the spaces they already exist in.

The persons who desire to be better equipped to make their own breathtaking, soulful photography that can communicate effectively while also allowing users to develop their own narrative, feelings and dream a little while they experience that that you've captured.

We work on making this a reality, all of it, through images without the use of words.  

This session will be a turning point for you. How you think about and approach photography will shift. 

The format is either in person via a one day workshop, where we spend approx. 6-8 hours together or menotr sessions, coducted remotely. Remote sessions are informal sessions via phone, we use voice notes, messages and video calls.

Either way these sessions are to work as an introduction to the topic you'd like to cover and skill you'd like to work on. It's a great way to boost motivation and get a direction in which to work in, and to start the journey to making your very own compelling unique still visual imagery.


each Workshop/ Session

is approx 6-8 hours long

Garden Club Feb 2018-23.jpg

In addition to our focused sessions on skills, weather permitting we go out into the yard, pick fruit what ever if ever any is in season, wanders in the orchard, and picnic under the fruit trees surrounding my studio apartment. 
Again, every workshop is different and is tailored to you and your needs which we will get to sharing on soon.
Once the objective, fee and dates is settled, I begin planning our day(s) together.


I usually run these one on ones in Freeport  in and around where I live.


If Food and drinks are covered during the active teaching time of our workshop this would be EXPLICITLY stated. Otherwise you are free to walk with any refreshments you'd need.
For the sessions that include refreshments Do let me know should you have any allergies or preferences and I´ll do my best to accommodate as much as i can.

If you think this experience is for you and you can benefit by participating in a One On One Bespoke Session with me please click below to complete the below questionnaire so we can get started.

Apart from these tailored workshops, the following options are available:

As your mentor, we'd work together, you'd think of me as your personal "photomaking" coach. A path called Intentional Photography. Focused on natural light, storytelling and creating images, in a manner, true to you.

We'd work together. You making images and I guiding you towards creating what you desire. Together we will discover your perspective and answer the question: " What is your unique and visual perspective?".

Here, by actually making images and practicing the art of observation behind the lens, you'd determine your style, solidify your perspective and become clear not only of the type of images you want to make but how, you want to make these images.

These sessions are usually conducted over the phone (via messages, voice notes and video calls) and conducted over time.