Lifestyle Session with Alex

Friday October 19th 2018

Lifestyle Session

Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago

Meet Alex.

Only this weekend I had the pleasure of exchanging areal moment with Alex. She contacted me on BookIntrovetlyBubbly Instagram and from there we got to arranging a phone call.


Capture IntrovertlyBubbly images of Alex for her use, to share her story and engage with her online audience.


Stay true to her Pink Theme.


I have been granted creative freedom, so in addition to Photography I will be crafting creatively an entire session for us.


underlined text denotes where along the workflow we are

  1. Initial Contact - Thursday, October 18th 2018

  2. Phone Call for Client Brief - Friday, October 19th 2018

  3. Issue of Open Photography Consultation Questionnaire - Monday 22nd October

  4. Creation/ Distribution of Client Page - Monday 22nd October

  5. Issue of Client/Photographer Proposal (for review, comment and finalization) - 1 Week After receipt of completed Open Photography Consultation Questionnaire

  6. Completion by Client of Client/Photographer Agreement

  7. Mood Boarding with Client

  8. Final Payment & Confirming Shoot Date

  9. Shoot Date

  10. Post Procession and Delivery - 1 Week After Shoot Date