I'm Chan, I am an Engineer, Electrical and Computer Engineer specialized in control systems and instrumentation by profession, and a photo-making creative and collaborator with a love for home-grown produce, family and the simple life.  I work together with a team of close friends (Ruhi, Aaron, Vernette) and collaborators from time to time. IntrovertlyBubbly is a brand formed under Panoramic Perceptions and it is a reflection of my personality and mood. This creative is a place where I can openly be creative and explore the things that are important to me. Read more here. 

I think there is much to learn observing plants, growth and light. I find much perspective there. I do it often and it forms the basis of my photography practice. I enjoy photography, gardening, dining out (gatherings, sharing time with food around tables), travel, experiences, & all things homestead-related.

Here at the IntrovertlyBubbly Creative you can find my photography, garden sales, lifestyle shop, personal projects, collaborations and visual expression.


I create daily content for the everyday person who values being aware, appreciative, and accepting of the present. Those that want to actually stop to smell the roses, touch and internalize the textures and surfaces, listen to the natural sounds, taste flavours, and feel the richness of life. Here at the IntrovertlyBubbly Creative, you'll not only find fresh original content but you can also catch the scoop on the creative things I am working on, doing and you can shop my stock photo shop. A store created for bloggers or business owners who want to take their online presence further with awesome high-quality stock image bundles. 

I am an advocate for local living and enjoy supporting our local maker community and I am totally grateful as I am part of our growing local blogger/ influencer society, here in Trinidad and Tobago.

Thank you so much for visiting, and feel free to get in touch with me. I'd love to hear from you!

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