My Coffee Ritual

Spoiler alert: I typically learn by doing so it is where I started, by doing. After some research and chats with other coffee aficionados, I got started with a Chemex, 2016. Then I received the Nescafe Dolce Gusto Mini Me, Xmas 2016, and the Aeropress, Xmas 2017. 

I prefer to use locally Roasted coffee, so I do that also. 

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I love flowers

When I was a child and old enough to take over and help mummy with this task, I'd be responsible for setting the tables. I didn't have to cook the meals but assist with meal prep, setting the table and dishwashing was where I chipped in. 
It's, I think, where my love for flowers began.

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Gift Exchange, Coffee and Waffles

I packed up my blue crate. I filled it with two linen cloths neatly snug around the Chemex, I packed the grass-fed butter and the coconut oil and the hand mixer. I grabbed the pineapple I didn't yet get to cutting up. Made sure I had what I needed to wrap up the Christmas gifts, the twine, the little cuttings of rosemary and the cardboard. The white taper candles? They were going with me too. I was out the door by 9.30 am just in time to make it to our 10 am brunch date.

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