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Create without giving a "insert cussword"

A photography practice that would awaken your inner creative

Learn from my photography practice, Hone your own, Stay true to you

A Free Instagram Workshop

Where I would step through my photography process, a daily photography practice, and show you real scenarios, take you through my image making ritual, editing and share how I focus on simply being with my most creative self which is not centered the number of social media followers, likes or influence you cultivate. 

Below you would find a list of experiences that would form the basis of the workshop course your choose. Please choose one workshop course off the list and be prepared to experience first hand some of my work shot in each location/ experience. 

I would be choosing five people to take part in the workshop. There would also be an opportunity to be part of a live demo and you would be able to make photos together with me, see me make each image and get insight into my decision making process.

Nota Bene:

  1. This is for people who enjoy the struggle of learning by doing
  2. Save the date July 22nd, 2017
  3. Fancy camera/ equipment is not needed.

Hope you enjoy this mini workshop.


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